CSSTools2-Cinematic Studio Strings Tool V2.2 M4L Device(Zh&En)

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1.Based on version 1 (version 1 is stoped. ), removed the redundant "Main Articulations" and put the "All Articulations" in a more prominent place;

2. In addition to the above point 1, other functions of version 1 are reserved and optimized;

3. Added the function to fix latency. Of course, if you are used to solving this problem in other ways, you can turn off this function.

4.The UI has been redesigned to become more compact, and dynamic visual effects have been added to the expression control wheel.

For the demonstration video about solving the problem of latency, you can go here to learn : https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1fb411X7qy/?share_source=copy_web&vd_source=71861225a7261e414d8e3a0bdacd4694






V2.1 update log:
1.Add "Sordino" and "Legato" button to switch those function;
2.Further improve the internal logic of fixing latency.


V2.2 update log:

1.Fixed the latency issue of the first note after switching articulation to sustain/legato every time (it always sounded earlier than other notes).

2.Fixed the issue where, after stopping playback at a certain position and then seeking to another position to resume playback, there was a potential latency correction error if the articulation at the stopped position was different from the new position.




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CSSTools2-Cinematic Studio Strings Tool V2.2 M4L Device(Zh&En)

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CSSTools2-Cinematic Studio Strings Tool V2.2 M4L Device(Zh&En)

0 ratings
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